Manual Download and Activation of BHCS License

The Barr BHCS software License Manager can use an Internet connection to automatically download and activate your BHCS License. However, if the computer running the BHCS software does not have access to an Internet connection, you can use this page to manually download the license file and activate your license.

1. Download License File

Use this step to generate and download a license XML file. Then take the file to your BHCS system and use the License Wizard to install the license.

License Key: e.g. 5555-6666-7777-8888

2. Activate License

Run the License Wizard on your BHCS system and select the 'Activate license' option. The License Wizard will provide the following three pieces of information to enter here. Include hyphens in the License Key and HW Code fields.

License Key:
HW Code:
After clicking 'Get Code', copy and paste the Activation code back into the License Wizard.

Deactivate your Barr BHCS software for production and backup systems.