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Barr Host Communications Suite (BHCS) Barr Host Communications Suite will help you move jobs (print, internal reports, invoices, etc.) from hosts to any printer in your organization, including Xerox EPS printers, and send to applications such as Document Management Systems, online portals, etc.
Barr Enterprise Print Server (BEPS) Barr's Windows-based print spooler with connections to many sources of print data and many printers.
BARR/Print Channel Service 3211 channel-attached printer emulation.  Beginning with BEPS version 4.1.x, this service replaces the Print Channel Application.
BARR/Print Channel for IPDS Channel-attached IPDS printer emulation converts to TCP/IP IPDS printer stream.
BARR/Print390 for IPDS TCP/IP IPDS printer emulation converts to Channel-attached IPDS printer stream.
BARR/CHANNEL Offload BARR/CHANNEL Offload provides high-speed mainframe file transfer for companies using MVS/JES2 or VSE/POWER.
BARR/Channel for SNA Server Channel-attached Link Service for Microsoft's SNA Server or HIS.
BARR/SYNC for SNA Server SDLC Link Service for Microsoft's SNA Server or HIS.
DOS based products All Barr DOS-based products.
Hardware Manuals organized by hardware type.
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