Barr Utilities

These utilities are provided as is without warranty or maintenance.

21587 BHCS PRR2MergeOverprints DCOIssues
21598 2nd Dataset of Tran output not stripping header recordIssues
21603 Remote Spool Window dll 32bit 32 bit DLL for use in versions prior to for RSW viewer fix.Issues
21603 Remote Spool Window dll 64bit 64 bit DLL for use in versions prior to for RSW viewer fix.Issues
21611 PRR2VBMDCO Fix Issues
21649 IPDS Software Test Code for IPDS crashing on large rec length or file sizeIssues
21657 Sec Service Local machine admin not in AD not recognized as admin 7.1.xxIssues
21657 Sec Service 7.2 Local machine admin and user not in AD not recognized as admin 7.2.xxIssues
21666 FICON Change to allow greater than 255 byte FCB Issues
21743 7.2 version Cust Wants Encryption Key not to Cause EncryptionIssues
21767 Spoolcore Messages Spoolcore with enhanced messagesIssues
5122 Special UseIssues
BarrFilePortMonitor 7.3 version without Barr Tran HeaderIssues
Ceridian Spoolcore Fix for Printer ResetIssues
FICON Added NJHGROOM FieldIssues
NJE - SYSIN NJE - SYSIN ChangeIssues
Overlay - Duplex PCL overlay used with BHCS to print documents duplexOverlays
Overlay - LandscapDuplex grey bars PCL overlay used with BHCS to print document Landscape Duplex with grey barsOverlays
Overlay - Landscape PCL overlay used with BHCS to print document landscapeOverlays
Overlay - LandscapeDuplex PCL overlay used with BHCS to print document duplex landscapeOverlays
Overlay - LandscapeSimplex PCL overlay used with BHCS to print document Landscape - SimplexOverlays
Overlay - LandscapSimplex grey bars PCL overlay used with BHCS to print document Landscape Simplex with grey barsOverlays
Overlay - Portait Duplex Simplex PCL overlay used with BHCS with both Duplex Simplex in PortraitOverlays
Overlay - Restore Factory Default PCL overlay used with BHCS at end of job to reset printer codesOverlays
Parse NJHGETS BHCS Override Table that reformats NJHGETS into a usable dateOverride Tables
Fileport External Processing Javascript Sample Script Javascript sample script the emails a file using the BHCS Fileport Printer External Processing parameterScripts
Fileport External Processing PowerShell Sample Script Really basic Powershell script example showing how to use Poweshell with BHCS Fileport Printer External Processing parameterScripts
Generate your own overlays Javascript utility (HTA) that will generate PCL OverlaysScripts
111664 LPD module to track faultingSoftware
2008 VC Runtime X64 2008 C++ RedistributableSoftware
2009 Adept Suite Ceridian Adept
21658 7.2 version RJE EE HPE Status Message 7.2.xxSoftware
21763 Spool Window Will not open RC4Software
Accounting Instructions Accounting Installation Instructions and ScriptsSoftware
Adept Suite Adept Software v3.19.4.13_GASoftware
Auto Restart Package for RJE Auto Restart Package for RJESoftware
Barr Spoolport Barr SpoolportSoftware
Barr-Print Channel 2.0.29 Barr Print Channel 2.0.29Software
BarrFilePortMonitor Without Tran HeaderSoftware
BarrFilePortMonitor 7.1 Fileport Monitor 7.1 verSoftware
BarrIPDS Barr IPDS Basic Advanced G59-30-038Software
BarrIPDS Capture Tool BarrIPDS Capture ToolSoftware
BB-64 Ceridian Bundle Builder 64 bitSoftware
BB_Processor_with_Trace BB Processor with elevated traceSoftware
BEPS 5.1.22 BEPS 5.1.22Software
BHCS Alternate BHCS for RSW, FICON, and NJE/IP "FOR 64bit OS Only"Software
BHCS Messages Enhanced BHCS Messages to include Job NameSoftware
BHCS Notifications BHCS 7.1 Notifications install packageSoftware
Custom DCO for mixed mode AFP Customization for mixed mode AFPSoftware
DocForm DocForm
HIS Escon Channel Drivers for Escon Channel Adapter for HISSoftware
HIS Escon Channel DLL's 64 bit DLL's for configuring Barr Escon Channel Link ServiceSoftware
NJE-IP Configuration NJE-IP Config.exeSoftware
Notifications Config Test Test Code for NotificationsConfig.exe with better email testSoftware
Print Channel IPDS 2.0.16 Print Channel IPDS -- 2.0.16 BEPSSoftware
Print Channel 7 Plus Print Channel 7 Plus Ver
Print Channel 7+ IPDS Print Channel 7plus for IPDS Ver 7.32.2Software
Remote Spool Window Remote Spool Window version (for BHCS 7.2.x.x or later)Software
RTW_64 Bit Specialty Software - Ceridian 64bit RTWSoftware
Spoolcore for PS Split 7.2 Spoolcore (Updated 5-14-19)Software
STREAMdiff 64 (STREAMdiff 3.4.2 Patch) STREAMdiff 3.4.2 Patch Software
StreamTracer StreamTracer v3.4.1.24_GASoftware
VC X86 Runtime Distributable VC Runtime Distributable x86Software
WinIPDSProLite G59-30-37dSoftware
WireShark WireSharkSoftware
X64 VC RunTime 2010 X64 VC Runtime 2010 SP1Software
xerces-c_2_1_0 xerces-c_2_1_0.dllSoftware
TraceDecode Utility to uncompress Barr channel tracesUtility
Uncompress Utility to uncompress diagsUtility
WinBrowse File viewer for text and binaryUtility